By Ron Libman | April 22, 2021

As the Chicago Tribune recently reported, companies are considering their return to offices sooner than they expected. As schools everywhere are returning to nearly normal hours and the world is working on returning to their offices, the term “the new normal” fades into the very welcome past.

At U.S. Messenger, we are ready to assist our clients in the transition from remote work. From moving equipment and documents from employees’ homes, to the return of inter-office package couriers, we eagerly await the opportunity to interact with our customers on a consistent basis again.

We will remember these times as the most challenging in our 22-year history. We’ve thoughtfully created new options to help our clients with their own challenges and adjustments to daily operations without changing everything we do to attempt to stay alive. Staying true to what we do and ensuring our clients knew we were, and are, there to assist is our lighthouse – the beacon we looked toward so that we could steady our path.

Even before the pandemic, we have seen it so many times: companies attempting to reinvent the wheel in order to stave off disaster, sometimes totally abandoning their core and confusing their clients in the process. We understand the temptation. Believe me, we do. We are sure thankful for the PPP programs that helped us stay the course and reduce layoffs. Even then, protection came to an end, and we needed to cut back, cut jobs and really think about the future. Like every business, behind closed doors there were debates, arguments and certainly frustration. Tearful moments were had during those rough but necessary conversations.

But again, the positive thoughts overcame the gray unknown. At U.S. Messenger, we decided to start rebuilding even before the height of the pandemic. Naturally, we were concerned — sometimes even fearful — but we believed that we, our city and our country would come out of this weary, but we would emerge. Still, we wanted to arrive in our new time better for the experience and stronger because of our creativity and, frankly, sacrifices. For U.S. Messenger it was about being available for the quick changes that our clients required in their business continuity plans, while at the same time setting the stage for the future.

We contacted clients to say “thank you,” we sent surveys asking how we could best help. Not stopping there, we created a new website that would help us reach out into the marketplace, we bought new trucks to best serve our clients’ ever-changing needs, installed a new phone system so that our own continuity plan would be improved, and employed a new CRM program to help our sales and customer service team better communicate with our clients. In short, we trained and readied ourselves for the future.

We used the down time of the pandemic as a jumping off point. We also didn’t stagnate; we were proactive. We flourished in creativity and support. Taking time to build and, in many cases, reintroduce ourselves to our clients has been invigorating. Asking questions and listening to our clients’ needs while creating innovative solutions to serve this time and the future has been motivating.

Many of our clients purchased new equipment for remote work use. Now, with staff members coming back into the office, U.S. Messenger is packaging and storing that equipment in Business Continuity Kits (learn more in our PDF download). These transportable containers are custom-packed to your specifications, with everything an employee would need to work from home. These kits can be stored in our warehouse, deployable within hours. Should interesting, challenging times occur again, you’ll be ready, and we’ll be ready to help.

U.S. Messenger is always working to create an exceptional experience!

Thank you for all your support. We hope we helped you make a difference.