Cutting-edge technology for superior service

U.S. Messenger is always at the forefront of new technology to better serve our clients. We equip our couriers with a single communication device, the CAT S48C. This device is known worldwide as one of the most durable handheld communications devices ever built. It functions as a push-to-talk (PTT) walkie talkie, a phone, a multi-dimensional scanner, and a signature/image capture device all in one.

Our advanced technology enables us to provide automated, real-time Proof of Delivery (POD) as well as GPS navigational assistance and tracking capabilities. These GPS features enable sophisticated route optimization guidance, allowing us to always know the exact status of our clients’ valuable deliveries.

Paired with our cutting-edge logistic management operating system, Xcelerator, we can provide instant updates to inform you of your important package’s exact whereabouts. Our dispatch personnel use advanced route optimization algorithms to ensure that we deliver the service that you deserve. Our online system offers you quick access across all browsers to take care of your business when and where you need to.

We use the latest technology to maintain a digital record of your goods

The tools of the trade

Phone in your Request

There will always be a live person to answer your call, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Online Orders

Place your order online via your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Download our app on any platform.

Live GPS Tracking

Monitor your order's progress by viewing the courier status online, with results delivered in real time.

Electronic Signature Capture

Customizable email notifications will alert you when deliveries are completed and who signed for the item.

Instant Push to Talk (PTT)

Our technology enables instant and immediate communications with all of our couriers – no waiting, no busy signals, no voice mails.

Visual Proof of Delivery (VPOD)

Couriers take photos of your package at the delivery point to provide visual proof that the package was delivered as promised.

Package Bar Code Scanning

We can track individual packages using multi-dimensional bar code technologies.

GPS Navigation

Our integrated map solution efficiently assists and offers routing solutions to our delivery personnel.

Automatic Notifications

Email notifications for order placement, pickup or delivery – set it and forget it!

Other Online Services

U.S. Messenger offers customers a fully customizable online order entry user interface. Customers can create their own location database to streamline order placement and enable quicker data entry.


Generate your own reports on demand, including actual usage, proof of delivery, and on-time performance reports. Create customized reports specific to your needs as well.

Route Optimization

U.S. Messenger was an early adopter of this specialized software provided by ARC Logistics© for daily scheduled services and route management.