Our Delivery Personnel

Our personnel are the face of our company and the upfront men and women that the majority of our clients and their agents get to see on a daily basis. U.S. Messenger’s driving and biking staff has on average 10 years of experience in the same day expedited delivery business. Depending upon the need and the type of work, we will use employees or independent contractors to provide the exact delivery solution that meets your needs.

All USML associates undergo an extensive background check which includes local, county, state and federal criminal reviews, as well as driver’s license abstract reviews.

Our dependable bike messengers are the most reliable in the Chicago area.

Delivery Personnel

All of our delivery personnel carry mobile data telephones by Nextel-Sprint; we use the latest in communications technologies. The field delivery staff wears company uniforms and company-issued photo identification cards.

Scheduled and routed delivery drivers

Scheduled and routed delivery drivers are individually trained to do each specific route — they are not expected to just pick up a route sheet and go. Each driver has an experienced mentor with them when they perform a route for the first time, and in the case of newer employees, until he or she feels ready to do it by themselves.

Independent Contractor Drivers

Our On-Demand delivery independent contractor drivers are among the best in the business. These contract drivers are selected from the top of the available contractor pool for their ability to get the job done accurately and within the specified time window designated by you, the client. Many have several vehicles and drivers working to meet those same needs.

Bike Dispatch

Our biker dispatch operation is simply the best in Chicago. Our crew of bikers is led by experienced bikers and dispatchers, who enable us to sell and service deliveries in as short a delivery time as possible. These men and women brave harsh weather and make those expedited deliveries that trucks and vans can’t!

In-House Personnel

USML has nearly 100 personnel that are responsible for the receipt and delivery of packages for many of the largest buildings in downtown Chicago. We currently oversee the Intercept Courier operations for many buildings in the central business district. We receive packages from outside individuals and deliver them upstairs to the building’s tenants within an agreed upon time parameter. We also do this in reverse when tenants need packages sent out – we retrieve them and make them available for pickup in the Intercept Messenger Center. Many of these operations require stringent security reviews of each in-bound package, including the use of x-ray machines.

Support Personnel

Our support personnel are the behind the scenes heroes of U. S. Messenger. Our around-the-clock dispatch personnel, route supervisors, lead drivers, field supervisors, in-house supervisors, technology support, human resources and accounting staff are the key to keeping the best delivery force in the upper Midwest performing to meet your needs.