All U.S. Messenger services are a result of our clients expressing a need, but none more than Rush Trucking.

In 2006 we bought our first 16 ft box truck to have on hand when our clients' needs turn from something small to something large. From hundreds of boxes from a law firm to pallets of brochures from print clients, that truck and others never stop moving with requests from a cross-industrial market.

Our service is designed for you to benefit from the urgency of a courier that has the capacity of a trucking provider. This melding of services is required by today's market and has worked for industries that classically have not needed this capacity and companies that count on it every day.

Because much of our business is handled within the Central Business District, U.S. Messenger has the resources to operate where most trucking providers will not go. Our fleet and associated agent operations can deliver point to point or can operate from our warehouse facility in Willowbrook, Illinois. Large deliveries (up to semi loads) can be delivered to our operation and broken down for redistribution with smaller trucks that are best suited for the Central Business District.

Outside Chicago?

Our trucks are at the ready at our warehouse in Willowbrook

Trucking + warehousing

Rush trucking operations work well in conjunction with our warehouse operations in providing “Just in Time” delivery of goods to local businesses. Gone are the days of manufacturing operations with huge facilities and months worth of supplies. We store supplies and deliver on-demand both with Milk Run and Rush Trucking options. With square foot rent being very high, firms are looking for storage and supply solutions. They can still purchase in bulk to get deep wholesale discounts; then store the material with us for delivery when needed.

We have the capacity.

16ft Box Trucks

24ft Straight Trucks


Both intrastate and interstate networks

Our fleet includes 16 foot box trucks

Get your shipment there in hours.