We can redirect your mail and packages if your office is closed.

If U.S. Messenger operates a Courier and Mail Intercept Operation at your building, we will be able to receive and sort your mail at the facility and either hold it or redirect the delivery to an address of your choice.

If your entire building is shut down but the Post Office is still allowing pickup, we can take custody of the mail, sort it and deliver mail to alternative address provided by each tenant via our On-Demand department or any other carrier of your choice. Mail not redirected will be held at our secured facility in Willowbrook, IL for eventual delivery at the client’s direction.

The same is true of parcels received by any other source. We can sign for, take custody, hold or redirect delivery as part of your Business Continuity Plan.

We're here for you.

U.S. Messenger will operate as long as we are not mandated to shut down by a governing authority. We can pickup your mail as long as the post office is open and allows.

Our team is a willing participant in other custom solutions not listed here. Let us know how we can help with your Business Continuity Plan and we will work to implement your solution.

Although we certainly hope none of this is necessary, we are here to help reduce your personal and professional disruption.

We’re here to help.