Expedited small loads moving in cars, straight and box trucks, vans and sprinters

In addition to our local emergency services, U.S. Messenger offers nationwide long-distance Hot Shot service for all types of industries. Most often transporting LTL (Less than a Load) freight, this dedicated, expedited vehicle service transports a variety of materials, including:

  • critical parts from the distribution center delivered directly to the repair site
  • diagnostic and environmental specimens transported without the delay of comingling
  • blood and other blood products delivered from the donation center to the surgical theatre for immediate use
We have a fleet of trucks ready to handle your urgent freight

How does it work?

Getting your urgent freight delivered ASAP is easy with U.S. Messenger!

  1. Give us a call to place your order.
  2. Our routing experts determine the best route and immediately dispatch a driver to your pickup location.
  3. The Hot Shot driver arrives, helps load the truck and provides documentation.
  4. The driver proceeds directly to the destination using the most efficient route.

Our Hot Shot drivers are professional and dependable

All of our Hot Shot drivers are licensed, insured and uniformed with company ID, and undergo the same comprehensive training and vetting as our local on-demand and route drivers. Our staff performs their duties as full-time jobs, using technology issued and maintained by U.S. Messenger.

Each year, we retrain our driving staff for:

  • pathogen and diagnostic specimen transportation
  • HIPAA awareness and protection
  • special handling
  • technology updates
  • customer service
Our uniformed drivers undergo yearly training to ensure your deliveries are handled with care

Long-distance delivery at a moment’s notice

Just as Next Flight Out serves a cross-country market with freight that can be easily flown, Hot Shot services make a difference for larger shipments where removing stem time matters.

While we are based in the Chicago area, we have a nationwide network of agents who can pick up your delivery ASAP.

When a critical delivery has to be hand-delivered as soon as possible, we have the drivers, equipment and expert knowledge to help. If the circumstance doesn’t allow you to wait for the next flight or truck, U.S. Messenger’s hot shot dedicated delivery service can deliver anywhere in the country – direct!

Get your shipment there in hours.