A crucial step in the patient care process.

Matching time of day with medical test availability is an important part of patient care and test result turnaround time. U.S. Messenger is ready to take expert care of your laboratory specimens, biological samples, pharmaceuticals, radiology films, records, inter-office mails, and other important medical supplies. Our dedicated medical route structure, complete with all the special handling needed to properly transport a variety of test samples, is ready to augment your patient care process.

With years of planning and scheduling experience routing sensitive material, U.S. Messenger is your safest choice for medical deliveries.

We offer two service lines for your medical specimens and supplies:

Dedicated routing
Reliable, scheduled routes ensure your deliveries are on time, every time. We work with you to determine which days and times to schedule and how much capacity is needed.

STAT on-demand
When you have samples that don’t conform to your regularly scheduled pickups, contact our STAT department for secure delivery ASAP.

We have transported over
4.3 million
COVID tests across the Chicagoland area.

It’s great to have U.S. Messenger in our toolbox when STAT requests come across our desk. We used you yesterday and were very impressed with the service and customer service follow up. In my book, you guys are the top courier company

John G., Heath Care Industry

Our medical couriers are trained in the special handling of your sensitive materials

Industry-leading experienced and certified drivers

U.S. Messenger has fully trained and certified drivers to safely and correctly deliver your essential medical items. We keep our driving staff’s Blood Pathogen and other training subjects up to date annually by employing full-time Driver Development Managers who are trained and certified instructors for nationally-recognized organizations.

All medical specimens and samples are transported in coolers with the proper temperature controls requested by the shipper or required by the laboratory. Our drivers use smartphones powered by CAT to keep track of each of your shipments — putting our dispatch team in every driver’s seat.

Bag & Tag System

Bag & Tag is considered the safest and most effective inventory control method in the industry because it limits multiple human contacts with specimens and provides a permanent adhesive, sealed by your client at the time of packaging, which can only be opened by the laboratory. This program has been created in conjunction with several laboratories, clinics, hospitals, and physicians.

How does it work?

  1. Bags are sealed by staff at the pickup location. Once sealed, the bags can only be opened by the recipient laboratory.
  2. Our couriers scan the bar code at the time of pick up, providing a permanent record of the transaction.
  3. Specimens are inventoried and confirmed by the recipient laboratory upon arrival.
Our convenient, safe bag tracking system is trusted by hospitals and labs

From your clients to you, just as planned.