Reduce the ingress rate of transient traffic in your commercial real estate facility.

Reducing the ingress rate of transient traffic in your commercial real estate facility allows your building to run at its full potential. By managing the receipt of deliveries coming into your facility with trained and knowledgeable material handlers, U.S. Messenger drastically cuts down on dock space fill time to allow more trucks per hour to enter and transact business at your dock.

By reducing points of contact for all inbound and outbound packages, our uniformed staff offers an additional level of security, reduces wear and tear on lobbies and elevators, and eliminates cut-through traffic. Intercept and dock management solutions don’t just increase efficiency — we provide peace of mind.

Scanning inbound packages creates a record and ensures delivery to the correct tenant.

U.S. Messenger provides complete acceptance, tracking software, and processes managed by trained, unformed personnel to provide your tenants with an exceptional experience. Our system monitors, communicates, and manages dock status, helping companies with load leveling and avoiding unexpected deliveries, under-insured carriers and employee accidents.

Our team can build a custom program that addresses the specific needs of your tenant population. Are you accepting everything that comes in or goes out of the facility? Do you need help tailoring the managed operational flow of your building? All program from U.S. Messenger are custom solutions.

Operations Flow

Inbound Packages

All incoming shipments are entered into our operating system and a delivery transaction is created under its own unique number. Our internal staff delivers the parcel to the tenant and collects an electronic signature or VPOD to complete the chain of custody.

Outbound Packages

Orders can be placed online for final delivery, requiring no additional action by the tenant. Or simply call our onsite staff and we will transfer your parcel to your vendor of choice.

Dock Parcels

Dock Management Intercept Services can be independent, or they can be a companion to messenger center intercept operations. The basic function is to accept, track, transfer, or deliver all parcels weighing more than 25 lbs., up to pallet loads of freight.

Bulk Postal Services

U.S. Messenger can assist tenants with individual tenant caller services programs, improving their postal mail delivery time. In the case of a new facility, we can assist in setting up a complete postal system.

Additional dock management services

Dumpster Logging

We keep track of your common or shared dumpsters so that you are able to appropriately charge back the correct tenant or general contractor for their real usage by the 1/2 yard.

X-Ray Machine Operation

Our personnel have been trained to use the most up to date x-ray equipment for even more security conscious building safety.

Package Intercept Services

Keep strangers out of your facility while improving your security profile and offering your tenants quick and terrific service. We offer trained and steady staffing at a cost-effective rate, ranging from typical Intercept Centers all the way to full blown mail room facilities.

Security Services

Our personnel can operate your security system at your dock facility and track Shipping Company, Driver Name, Driver's License Number, Union Affiliation, Vehicle Insurance, and any other key information that your facility may need. These personnel can also reduce the number of transient cut-throughs by people that shouldn’t be accessing your property from the dock entrance.

Office Services

Our Office Services Division provides business support value by grouping together commonsense extension services. Mail, Copy, Records, Hospitality, Messenger, Equipment Management and Supply, Receptionist Coverage, as well as other support programs. Our system allows your company to concentrate on its core while being well supported by a team whose sole mission is to manage the nuts and bolts infrastructure.

Ready to manage your dock!