All the benefits of fleet ownership with none of the worries.

U.S. Messenger’s dedicated routing system specializes in time-sensitive process material and critical biological or environmental diagnostics specimens. Your materials are not in line with or behind other companies’ material waiting to be delivered, which would unnecessarily lengthen your deadlines. Your deliveries are handled as an exclusive system, meeting your pickup and delivery times.

This is the backbone of our delivery operation. Our employees have thousands of years of combined experience performing critical scheduled deliveries for our clients over the past three decades. Why take valuable time to go to the bank or the post office when we can do it for you? We have performed millions of scheduled deliveries for the real estate, banking, pharmaceutical, printing, and businesses like yours! Why not give us a call?

Dedicated routing benefits

  • Assured capacity
  • Shipment predictability
  • Higher on-time percentage
  • More consistent pricing