All the benefits of fleet ownership with none of the worries.

Our dedicated and scheduled routing system focuses on time-sensitive, critical materials that require special handling. Although we’re cross-industrial, our team has concentrations in biological and environmental diagnostics specimens, and fully trackable systems for the financial community. Your materials are not waiting in line behind other companies’ deliveries — they’re handled as an exclusive system, meeting your pickup and delivery times. Dedicated routes provide a predictable schedule, allowing you to operate effectively and efficiently.

This is the backbone of our delivery operation. Our management team has decades of experience. Those long-time industry professionals work with our employee driving staff to create and operate a system that lets you spend your valuable time on your core business. We have performed millions of scheduled deliveries for hospitals, laboratories, banks, financial processing centers and pharmaceuticals distributors. As a cross-industrial provider, we have the system to help meet your goals.

Dedicated routing benefits

  • Assured capacity

  • Shipment predictability

  • Live GPS Tracking

  • Higher on-time percentage

  • More consistent pricing

  • Tracked & measured improvement

  • In-house recruiting & development

  • Trained backup couriers

Get assured capacity and predictability with a regular route just for your business

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