Product care and inventory is critical for your business.

When your warehouse and delivery provider are on the same team, you can expect superior protection and service. Our team is equipped and trained to provide quality-assured, worry-free service you can count on.

Whether you need special services to hold items in between trade events, offsite storage for easy access to your showroom trade samples, or options for short-turn special project and parts banking, we provide the accountability, safety and quick delivery turnaround to make a difference for your clients.

By entrusting your product care and inventory management to a unified team, you can streamline your logistics operations and reduce the risk of errors and delays. Our integrated approach ensures that your inventory is closely monitored and readily available when needed, allowing you to focus on growing your business and satisfying your customers.

With our commitment to accountability, safety, and rapid delivery, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on your experience while helping you minimize your footprint through efficient offsite storage solutions provided by U.S. Messenger.

Trust our expert warehouse team with your products

Product care and inventory process


When our team receives your material directly from your vendor, it streamlines your entire process. We are immediately notified of new inventory at our secure warehouses so that we can verify quantities — saving your personnel valuable time.

Inventory Management

Our team manages and maintains your inventory from the moment your goods arrive at our facility. Items get photographed, I.D Tagged, and prepared for shipment to your field representatives.


Standardized field unit configurations allow your team to be efficient with their time and more effective disseminating information to your members. Active inventory control minimizes waste, prevents over ordering, and cuts unnecessary storage fees for idle merchandise.


No matter what the size, we can get it there the same day efficiently and economically. Your fulfillment order is delivered directly to your event from our warehouse. At the end of your event, your unused materials are picked up, returned to our warehouse and re-stocked for your next event.

Trust us with your inventory.