The split office is the new normal.

Among office buildings, we are seeing a growing number of split cultures where some staff members choose to work from home while others prefer to work in the office environment. To help adjust to the new normal, connect with U.S. Messenger.

We can move supplies, mail and parcels between your office and workers’ homes on a scheduled route basis, or handle unexpected, on-demand deliveries within minutes or hours. We will become your agent to assist your operating and communications practices going forward. We also offer a wide variety of other transportation and logistics solutions — from warehousing and fulfillment to same-day, nationwide next flight out delivery.

We can help you with your delivery and logistics problems so you can focus on your core business operations. Contact us to take some responsibility off your shoulders.

Recent use cases

  • For a major investment company, we delivered 350 laptops to employees’ homes around northern Illinois.

  • For a local food distributor, we transported food shipments from Chicago to Rockford within hours.

  • For a major firm, we picked up “blue inked” documents from over 59 locations across the Chicagoland area and brought them to their downtown office the same day.

  • For a downtown business, we moved an important server to a secured facility in Naperville.

  • For a major law firm, we moved an attorney’s complete office to San Francisco for a long trial.

Masked courier hands off delivery package for COVID-19 safety
Now offering UV-C Sterilization for packages

We’re here for you.

U.S. Messenger will operate as long as we are not mandated to shut down by a governing authority. We can pick up your mail as long as the post office is open and allows. Our team is a willing participant in additional custom solutions not listed here. Let us know how we can help with your business continuity plan, and we will work to implement your solution. We are here to be your partner and to reduce your personal and professional disruption.

How U.S. Messenger can help:

Keep your business functioning during COVID-19 restrictions