B2B and B2C Distribution

Operated from your location or one of U.S. Messenger’s Chicagoland locations, this specialized service is designed for organizations that wish to provide dedicated, quality assured distribution of goods. Operated with consistent, well trained staff members the latest technology that capture and report real-time optimized information.

From single store retailer needing high touch, white glove service for select clients to large operations needing to provide part of their service through a minority owned supplier — our team can create the solution.

Uniformed staff perform white glove service

Our features include:

  • Consistent Uniformed Staffing
  • Vehicles with your logo
  • Operating on your schedule
  • Installation
  • White Glove
  • Fragile Materials/Special Handling
  • Medical/Specimen/Supply
  • Collection of returns
  • Milk Run Operations (dedicated)

Serving your Market

Supplier to manufacture, or distribution to business client: these services are customized solutions for tight, consistent control of shipping costs while providing dependable delivery schedules and reporting.

With any vehicle size operating 24/7/365, these services are especially helpful to manufacturing supply sourcing operations. Enabling the manufacturer to manage shipping costs though their own accounts with U.S. Messenger eliminates profit center manipulation through supplier-controlled deliveries.

The Customized Distribution options keep control in the hands of the shipper, while reducing the costs associated with owning and managing your own fleet.

Our drivers are vetted to ensure your delivery's security
U.S. Messenger has a fleet of delivery vehicles for your logistics needs

Owning and maintaining your own vehicle fleet takes energy and resources away for your organization’s core operation. Outsourcing logistics operations to U.S. Messenger allows you to leverage the assets and knowledge of Best in Class logistics management software while still maintaining an “in-house” view of the delivery operation. U.S. Messenger manages based on your delivery requirement and those of your clients.
These operations are all custom built after a feasibility study assessing your organization needs, current operation and future goals. Non asset-based options, which put a positive lean on the economy of scale charts, are available for those organizations who need an off-route time critical delivery solution.

Get consistency in your supply chain.