Let our organization and infrastructure be part of your future.

Since 1966, our acquisition program has been designed to provide a quality assured source of income for your future. The transition will be seamless to your clients without the surreptitious “Private Labeling” suggested by would be-business consolidators.

Our goal is to absorb and operate your business, relieve redundancy and offer opportunities to your key performers. Together, we work toward growing your profitability—paying you dividends based on your continuing but strengthened revenue.

Our message to your clients is: “Our new affiliation will best serve your needs, with greater capacity and new levels of technology.”

We analyze the market value of your business through a discrete due diligence process. Dividend percentages and duration of payout are determined through this process. You will see an immediate benefit by plugging your client base into our system.

When you plug in, you can expect:

  • Industry-leading technology
  • Ingenuity, effort and energy to grow your revenue
  • Complete reportability
  • Trusted management with longevity
  • Continued training

Our acquisition and transition team can provide an analysis of asset value and payout methods. Call Ron Libman at 312-564-7271 or fill out the form.