By Ron Libman | May 7, 2020

Thinking ahead is often a challenge, even during the best of times. Using what we know to anticipate our needs, like a grocery list, is how we have been taught to think. But what about now? How do you anticipate your needs during unprecedented times?

We have spoken with our clients and other companies drastically affected by this public health challenge and distilled their thoughts and concerns into real action.

We found out that people want systems that don’t need to be reinvented in the event of a crisis. They want to operate now in a way that makes the small changes easy.

What we’re doing

U.S. Messenger and our technology partners are working on creating a program (working name: USM Vision). This program will gain early notification of your expected FedEx and UPS shipments, and notify the carrier’s customer service department to pull those shipments off route to be set aside for U.S. Messenger early pickup — seamlessly and automatically.

Would you be interested in potentially receiving your FedEx and UPS parcels about 2 to 2.5 hours early daily? Would the ability to easily redirect your FedEx and UPS parcels to alternate delivery address during business continuity operations be of value? If so, we’d like to know.

If you are currently on a “Caller Services” Program from the Post Office, you are already familiar with the benefits of receiving your mail early through U.S. Messenger. USM Vision is Caller Service for FedEx and UPS.

Let us know your thoughts at [email protected]

As we continue to forge new ground — using our clients’ lenses as our compass — we will learn more, try more, communicate more, and work to make change easy.