Nearly $2 billion in shipping refunds go unclaimed every year — how much are you owed?

If your FedEx/UPS shipment is late by even a minute, you are often entitled to a full refund. Late delivery refunds, lost/damaged claims, shipping insurance, and freight savings all add up. Let U.S. Messenger help you get the refunds and rebates you are owed — and lower your annual shipping costs by thousands. We partner with 71lbs to save you money quickly and easily.

How it works


Our automated system does the initial work of finding your potential refunds while our in-house team works tirelessly to ensure you receive your due refunds.


We provide you with clear, easy to read reports to enable you to understand your shipping costs and make better business decisions moving forward.


Our robust dashboard makes it easy to track your shipments, see your shipping activity, generate reports, and access insights into your shipping operation.

Get your refunds now.