Regardless of your need, we provide unmatched customer service.

Our customer support is unparalleled in our industry; just ask any of our satisfied clients whether they would trust their packages with anyone else. Many of our managers and dispatch personnel have over twenty five years in the business! Why trust your important package to any other firm?

Wow! I just experienced some of the most outstanding customer service I have EVER had in my life with the team at U.S. Messenger! They were attentive, caring, extremely professional and got my package to its destination on time.

Julie S.
Oceanside, CA

I work with a financial organization with thousands of employees in the metro area. The customer care and satisfaction provided by U.S. Messenger, as well as their reasonable costs, make them my #1 carrier. Their reliability, even during the COVID-19 crisis has been exceptional.

N. Coleman
Chicago, IL

No other messenger service matches your team. Timely delivery and open communication are critical in the printing industry, and it’s great to know we have a reliable team like yours to lean on. This year on average, your car and bike messengers completed deliveries 30-50% faster than advertised. Thank you for the incredibly efficient and reliable service.

Andy E., Printing Industry
Chicago, IL

Whether you are sending an envelope via bike in the loop, or a few banker boxes between suburbs, U.S. Messenger gets it done! The customer service staff is very friendly and makes placing an order a breeze!

Steve P.
Clarendon Hills, IL

FedEx messed up and didn’t deliver my prints so I called U.S. Messenger and they came through. They were friendly and professional and I would definitely recommend their services!

Melissa Y.
Hacienda Heights, CA

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and your drivers for braving the elements last night and coming through for us. I know first-hand, we were going to have a problem closing out our Westmon center and it’s extremely important to get the blood products out of there and back to Aurora for processing. And you guys came through. We sincerely appreciate and respect the work you do for us!

Matt K., Medical Industry
Aurora, IL

It’s great to have U.S. Messenger in our toolbox when STAT requests come across our desk. We used them yesterday and were very impressed with the service and customer service follow up. In my book, they are the top courier company.

John G., Healthcare Industry
Chicago, IL

I used U.S. Messenger & Logistics, Inc. for the first time this week. I cannot say enough about their service! My package was in my hands within two hours of calling them. Friendly, polite and efficient. I will use them again, for sure.

Los Feliz, CA

I am so glad I opened an account with them. I cannot believe how professional they are in comparison to another carrier who I had been using for years. I am so much happier with U.S. Messenger. Clean drivers, on time, great pricing.

Naomi L.
Chicago, IL

I routinely send things between my Highland Park office and my Chicago office. I’ve used every messenger service there is — until I found U.S. Messenger. They’re reliable and detail oriented. I can’t say enough good things. Good value! I love it.

Jennifer F.
Highland Park, IL